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After almost two years of intense work on the CROWN project, we are both sad and excited to start a new chapter in our business journey.

Let’s remind once again how it all started: After finishing one year of mentorship in different areas of entrepreneurship, it came to one thing – which 9 startups across the three countries are the best. Motus Health has earned one of those places along with the award of 16 700 euros intended for organizing a crowdfunding campaign and fulfilling our business needs. The entire project was funded by European Union with the goal of strengthening the startup community.

INTERA Technology Park, the project carrier for Bosnia and Herzegovina, hired three agencies for marketing, videography, and business development to help us build the image we wanted to show to the world and fulfill our goals.

At first, we were so confused, there were so many things we wanted to do and in the whirlpool of brainstorming sessions, we found ourselves lost more than often.

But one thing was clear, we wanted to show the true story of why we decided to build a stroke recovery app, without any censorship or making it prettier for marketing purposes.

After months of meetings and drafting, it was time for (lights, camera) action. We recorded a video that truly represented us, cried a bit while shooting it and editing it, translated it to 7 languages, and did a voiceover for two. The hardest part was doing a voiceover in German. We don’t speak German.

The biggest perk of this program was acquiring many skills, not only technical ones but soft skills as well. It truly gave us the experience of working in real life environment outside of our comfort zone of our beloved team.

We’re starting an internal crowdfunding campaign this Friday and finally sharing the product of our work.

We want to use this opportunity to thank everyone on our team for their eagerness to dive into new challenges, INTERA TP for recognizing our potential and supporting us through our journey, and especially one of the agencies hired to help us, BONK studio, for doing their job so thoroughly that they felt every emotion we wanted to show to the world before they caught it on video.

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