How one person sparked game-changing innovation

Emina and her father who had an ischemic stroke.

On October 24th, 2019 one family’s life was turned upside down. The wife found her husband lying on the floor, unconscious and unable to move. She screamed for help, not knowing who is she calling.

Unfortunately, that family is my family and those people are my parents. Woken up at 5 am, I was supposed to call an ambulance but my shock made me forget the number and the words weren’t coming out of my mouth.

2 hours later, when my mom returned from the hospital and told me it was a stroke, I thought: ‘’Oh, he’s young, he should recover fairly easily and our life will return to normal in no time.’’ I did not know that the doctor’s prognoses were not optimistic and that they were fighting for his life. 

My dad was unable to move and speak, fed through the tubes. For two months I was not allowed to see him, since he would react emotionally and we did not know how it would affect him. I sat in front of his hospital door for two months, and with every visit, a piece of me died.

Since then, he has visited 3 rehabilitation centers and two hospitals. My mother and I tried to keep the pieces of our family while losing pieces of ourselves.

I searched for any solution that would help him in any way, tried to simplify and understand the medical terms and organize his recovery the best I could.

That is when the idea of Motus – application for rehabilitation and socialization sparked. After it was presented online, it went really viral! Waves of support, business offers, and questions by the people who are in a similar situation I was. For the first time, I felt I was not alone.

That’s when the superheroes in the form of my co-founders come to the story. We work relentlessly every single day to make a perfect product for our loved ones and build an ecosystem where healthcare is available to everyone.

I finally found the love of my life, the one that is fulfilling –  startup development. My life is now devoted to bettering the lives of others.

And my dad? Two years after the stroke, with the help of Motus and huge amounts of love, he’s made miraculous improvements.

If you are in a similar situation, I’m personally here to make sure you never feel alone and to give you hope for a better tomorrow. Motus app will take care of the rest! 🙂

With love,

Emina Kapetanović,

Founder & CEO

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