Meet our new medical advisor

Motus Health Stroke Medical Advisor

The second part of our favorite physiotherapist duo is Ivan Baketarić, a 24-year-old physiotherapist with big hopes and dreams. We have yet to meet a person who has bigger devotion to their job than Ivan – as he says he can’t imagine doing anything else.

After finishing his master’s degree in Germany, he started working as a head of the neurological department in Rehabilitacijski centar Život in Mostar. Even though he works with some of the hardest stroke cases on a daily basis, he manages to make everyone’s day better because he believes the first thing you have to give to a patient is hope. He has seen it all, strokes in all ages and severities, and the results he had – straight miraculous.

We were personal witnesses of his work since he was one of the physiotherapists that worked with our CEO’s dad – and we can’t thank him enough.

Rock on Ivan, the sky is NOT your limit!

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