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Vedina Ajanovic Stroke recovery Motus Health

Let’s continue with meeting our medical advisors! Next up, Vedina Ajanović, our beloved psychologist. Besides our professional relationship, when we think of Vedina, we would describe her as such a gentle and caring soul. 🕊

After getting her master’s degree in psychology, she knew that personal
development and human studies doesn’t stop. She decided to become a certified psychotherapist and continued frequently attending seminars and conferences.
Besides working at a clinic, she co-founded a Center for healthy habits where her goal is to help people overcome anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, personality disorders, etc…🧠

Welcome on board, Vedina. We know the love you put into your work & hope you love working with us too! ❤

Do you have any questions for Vedina? Feel free to post them in the comments or send us via our website

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