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Nevena Mahmutbegovic Stroke recovery Motus Health

Medical advisor alert! Meet Nevena Mahmutbegović, one of the most fascinating neurologists you will ever meet! We saw a video of her presenting her scientific work on stroke occurrences & risk factors in younger people! We immediately knew we had to contact her and we clicked right away. 🧠

She has a terribly impressive CV. She graduated from the Faculty of medicine in Sarajevo and after finalized specialization in neurology, she started working at a Clinical Center of the University in Sarajevo as a neurologist. She wanted to get her Ph.D. as well and was a first-generation to do so at her University. Her Ph.D. thesis is ‘’Interaction of gene polymorphisms (1691g> A FV, 4070 A> G FV, 20210 G>A PT and APOE) and modifiable risk factors in assessing the occurrence and outcome of ischemic cerebrovascular insult in middle age.”

You would think this is such a big feat already, but we’re not done yet with her achievements! Besides conferences, seminars, and doing scientific research, she teaches at the very Faculty of medicine she graduated from!

Nevena welcome to the Motus Health team, we’re very excited to see the product of our effort. ❤

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