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Stroke foods to avoid
Stroke Recovery

5 Foods to avoid to reduce stroke risk

One of the first things to fix after being warned about the possibility of having a stroke (again) is food. Everyone knows that food is important, but a lot of people don’t take proper nutrition seriously because ”one unhealthy meal won’t kill me”.

Mild stroke recovery patient
Stroke Recovery

How to Start your Mild Stroke Recovery

How long does it take to finish mild stroke recovery? If you recently experienced a minor stroke, you might have questions about mild stroke recovery time.

Stroke recovery stages
Stroke Recovery

Stroke recovery stages by Brunnstrom

This article will go through the Brunnstrom stroke recovery stages. And explain what to expect as you recover and pass through all of the stages.

Brain exercises for stroke recovery
Stroke Recovery

5 Best Brain Exercises for Stroke Recovery

We have gathered a list of the top 5 brain exercises for stroke recovery. The goal of each exercise is to help patients recover after the stroke. Exercising their cognitive abilities, improve mental clarity, and speed up the process of neuroplasticity.

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