Prehabilitation Program for Enhanced Surgical Outcomes in Frail Patients

Crafted and verified by a team of healthcare experts and prehabilitation participants.

Pioneering Digital Prehabilitation

Revolutionizing Patient Care Pathways

At Motus Health GmbH, we’re pioneering a new era in prehabilitation care with our innovative digital platform. Our research is dedicated to creating a seamless, AI-powered ecosystem that empowers patients and physicians alike. From rapid frailty assessment to personalized therapy planning, our solutions are designed to optimize the prehabilitation journey. As we break new ground with advanced digital tools, we’re setting the benchmark for enhanced surgical outcomes and redefining the standards of patient care in Germany and across Europe.


We are on a mission of uncovering the complexities of frailty to enhance surgical care for vulnerable patients.


Transforming patient evaluation through rapid and extended scoring systems for targeted treatment plans.


Preparing patients for surgery with tailored prehabilitation plans, ensuring a quicker recovery and better outcomes.

Bridging Care and Technology

Harness the power of Motus Health’s app to navigate your prehabilitation process with ease. From personalized care plans to real-time progress tracking, every step towards optimal recovery is at your fingertips.

Empowering Self-Care

Intuitive Patient-Centric Features

With our app, patients gain control over their prehab journey. Our user-friendly interface offers features like personalized exercise regimens, dietary guidance, and mental health support. The app’s real-time tracking enables patients to monitor their progress and stay motivated every step of the way toward recovery.

Streamlined Clinical Workflow

Advanced Tools for Healthcare Providers

Physicians can leverage our platform to make informed decisions quickly. From frailty assessments to tracking patient compliance, the app streamlines preoperative planning and postoperative care. The intuitive dashboard provides critical insights at a glance, ensuring high-quality patient care.

Collaborative Care & Shared Success

Enhancing Communication and Care Coordination

Our platform bridges the gap between patients and healthcare providers, fostering a collaborative environment for shared decision-making. By facilitating the seamless exchange of health data, we ensure that every member of the care team is informed and engaged, leading to better health outcomes and optimized prehabilitation strategies.


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