Stroke recovery from the comfort of your own home!

Mobile app for rehabilitation and socialization of stroke patients and their families. Developed and designed by a team of medical experts.

How Motus works?

Home friendly stroke recovery

Tell us your story

Do a quick test to get an accurate assessment of the patient’s condition. Your progress is our highest priority.

Add your caregivers

Add caretakers who are involved in the rehabilitation process. Patient care has never been easier!

Start the stroke recovery

Let the rehabilitation process start with personalized therapy made just for you.

How are we doing it?

Stroke recovery and home treatment have never been easier with Motus app.

We have teamed up with a team of world-renowned medical professionals to deliver the perfect solution for rehabilitation and socialization after a stroke. Tested on stroke survivors, it is tailored for use by all ages and types of stroke.

We develop, you progress!

Patients Services

Work on your speaking and physical abilities on your own or with the help of caretakers. We help you express your everyday needs and integrate you back to society.

Caregiver Services

Get answers about stroke from medical professionals in a simplified way and make patient care easier through our organizational tools.

Be directly involved in the recovery of your loved one and increase the quality of your relationships.

Did you know that..

Only 10% of stroke victims achieve maximal results from rehabilitation as it is often delayed or inadequate.

Contact us today to see how can we help you with your rehabilitation strategy and stroke recovery process.

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Stroke foods to avoid
Stroke Recovery

5 Foods to avoid to reduce stroke risk

One of the first things to fix after being warned about the possibility of having a stroke (again) is food. Everyone knows that food is important, but a lot of people don’t take proper nutrition seriously because ”one unhealthy meal won’t kill me”.

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