What do we do at

Motus Health

We’re Motus Health – a startup that develops digital healthcare products. We are a mediator  between professionals and ordinary people, where we convey your needs and make them come true with the help of experts in the fields of neurology, physiatry, psychology, nutrition, and speech therapy. Currently, we’re working on our prised gem Motus – an application for rehabilitation and socialization after the stroke.

What do we focus on?


Providing superior quality digital healthcare services.
What are our goals?


Make healthcare accessible to everyone.
What do we believe in?


Kaizen – Constant improvement is our team’s daily challenge. We invest in ourselves and in one another, so we can grow together. Our favorite way is by sharing knowledge and learning.
Creativity –  We question conventional wisdom and challenge the status quo, so your opinion will always matter and be heard!
Diversity, equity, and inclusion – We respect the uniqueness of people, cultures, work styles, and talents. That is what makes our team so great!
Efficiency – Excellence is a habit, not a goal. We don’t take our commitments lightly.
Meet the team behind the scenes


Emina Kapetanović Motus Health Cofounder

Emina Kapetanović

Startup enthusiast & CEO
A person of various interests that all led to entrepreneurship. When life gave her lemons, she made a startup that developed and sold them.
Kenan Nazdrajić Motus Health Cofounder

Kenan Nazdrajić

COO & Co-Founder of Motus Health
The creative mastermind behind Motus Health loves the thrill of solving challenges. For him, thinking never had a box in the first place.
Admir Kulin Motus Health Cofounder

Admir Kulin

CEO of m.Doc GmbH & Co-Founder of Motus Health

The entrepreneur with a sporty mindset of constant improvement and a keen sense for business opportunities. 

And for the icing on the cake

Meet our medical advisors

Nevena Pandža Motus Health Stroke recovery Medical Advisor

Nevena Pandža

mag. nutr. - Nutritionism
Nevena Mahmutbegović Motus Health Stroke recovery Medical Advisor

Nevena Mahmutbegović

dr.sci med - Neurology

Vedina Ajanović

mag.psych - Psychology

Darko Bilić

grad.PT - Physiotherapy